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High Roller adult size trike is ready, and you can help!

Hi Folks,

Well for the last several years, you’ve been anxiously waiting for the adult size big wheel.  In that time, we’ve been really busy.  I’ll catch you up on the details of what we’ve been doing a little lower.  Right now I want to let you know the bottom line:

High Roller Adult Size Big Wheel TrikeThe High Roller Adult Size Big Wheel Trike is ready to go into production, and we need your help. 

Designs are complete, prototypes have been tested, and manufacturers secured.  Now we just need the last bit of funding to get the first production run going.

How can you help?

  1. By pre-ordering your High Roller trike on our page.
  2. Tell everyone you know about us.

What is KickStarter? KickStarter is a “crowd funding” site that allows folks like us to get a project funded by folks like you.  And your friends, and friends of friends. We post a funding goal, a deadline, and premium levels.  The good folks out there decide what level they’d like to support us at.

And it’s all or nothing. Either we make our goal and can start production, or we don’t.

So, drop by our KickStarter page to see the latest details, and encourage everyone you know to take a look too. Forward it, like it, tweet it, post it, back it!


Now, here’s what we’ve been up to:

  • Over the last year, we hacked and modified our original “frankenbike” to the point that it couldn’t be modded any more.
  • Taking all that we learned, we got 4 prototypes made of our own custom design. Roadrunner Fabrication in Denver bent, welded,  and painted our frames and they turned out sweet!
  • We secured all of the components and built up the complete trikes.  Our first test drive was at about midnight and thankfully none of the neighbors complained!  It was LOUD and we were thrilled!
  • The prototypes have since traveled across the country.  They’ve been raced, ridden, jumped, flipped, and skidded. They’ve been photographed, videotaped, blogged, reviewed, gushed over, and loved.
  • The design has also been tweaked, improved, and enhanced, and is now ready for production.