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SEMA 2014 – Hot Italian…

… racing wheels! Here is the the very first Momo Edition High Roller at the massive SEMA auto show in Las Vegas. Huge 18″ cast Revenge wheels treaded with Outrun tires, Supercross 5 point seat, and plush Trek steering wheel with paddle shifters. Not to mention electric assist powered by Razor. Thanks to our friends at Momo USA for this amazing opportunity to be at SEMA 2014!

MOMO Limited Edition High Roller

Big Weekend for the High Rollers

It’s been a jam packed start to the weekend and isn’t going to slow down at all!  The High Roller drift trikes are simultaneously racing in Dallas at the Big Android BBQ, in Denver at the VeloSwap, and in Roanoke, VA for the annual  GO Fest! Rolling across the nation!  If you can’t get out and get your fix of High Roller adult size big wheel racing this weekend, then you’re not trying hard enough!

Riding with the nerds in Dallas:

Riding with the hipsters in Denver:

Riding the hills in Virgina:

High Roller 5K for Wounded Warrior with KBPI’s Willie B!

Join us Saturday morning with Team KPBI at Redstone College for a 5K to benefit the Wounded Warrior Project.  Team Captain Willie B. and 2 lucky listeners will be doing the whole course on High Roller Adult Size big wheel drift trikes!

Redstone College 5K Benefitting the Wounded Warrior Project

Redstone College 5K

Redstone College will be hosting a 5K run/walk event on June 21st, 2014! All proceeds generated from the event will be donated to the Wounded Warrior Project. Your participation will directly support our veterans in need.

The first 25 members on Team KBPI will receive a free ticket to Bandimere Speedway, a free Redstone 5K t shirt, and start at the front of the race!

After the event, beer and snacks will be available in the main hangar and all participants will receive a technical shirt. Unique medals will be presented to the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place male and female finishers!

All my X’s live in Texas – X Games Austin

The High Roller adult size big wheels are at the X Games in Austin!  Yee Haw!  That’s right folks, we’re hosting High Roller Drift Trike races all weekend at the NextX area in the X Fest!  Come out and drift with us and our friends from Nutcase Helmets.  Rumor has it that Travis Pastrana may even stop by to get some saddle time in.  Lets Ride!

High Roller at X Games Austin


#XGamesAustin @HighRollerUSA @NutcaseHelmets #XGames

High Roller Adult Size big wheel trikes arriving soon!

Hi Kids, after we sold out of 300 High Rollers last year, we’ve got 600 more on the way!

The ocean freight is due to arrive on or about the 21st and we’ll be set to turn those around immediately.

We took a few extra days in Taiwan to make sure all the brakes were adjusted to my spec.
Brake Adjustment

Then they were loaded into the shipping container on December 25th.
High Roller shipping container

The freighter set sail on January 1.
Ocean Freight

It is expected to get to Long Beach on January 14th, and then once it clears customs it should get to us on January 21.

The seats are already here, and the rear wheels are being molded as we speak.
Rear Wheel Molding

We’ll then be staged to send the complete sets out within 1-2 days of receiving them with tracking info.

High Roller Trikes staged for shipping High Rollers on the FedEx truck

Thanks for your patience, and above all, thanks for your support!


There’s still time to get the High Roller for Christmas!

High Roller Christmas
Due to the massive demand for the High Roller, we’ve Air Freighted in 3 pallets of them just in time for Christmas!  You can still order them at the High Roller USA website. Please hurry, as of right now there’s only 10 left to Expedite!

This could be you on Christmas!


As you may recall, a couple months ago the website went viral and we sold out of 2 months of inventory in 1 week.  We immediately placed a rush order for 600 more and we’ve been working around the clock to get them done in time for Christmas.  At the 11th hour we were able to arrange these 3 pallets to come in time.  The remaining 560 High Rollers will come by standard ocean freight and will arrive around January 13th.


Oh, hell yeah. MAXIM rides the High Roller.

Ok, so Paulina Gretzky has the cover, but the High Roller trike tops Page 10 of Maxim magazine’s “Best Stuff of the Year!”

High Roller featured in NYC 5 Boro Bike Ride video and mentioned in USA Today!

Well, today has turned into a fun day!  First I get an invite in my email from the Bike New York for the upcoming Five Boro Bike Ride, and turns out I’m featured in the video.  Proving that I have a face for radio, there is a 1/4 second clip of me on my High Roller at 1:18, but I have got the entire closing voice over answering the question, “Why I Ride”!

If you’ve never experienced this amazing ride through all of New York City, you should come with us. We’re signing  up now and will of course be riding High Rollers through the Big Apple.

Next I get another email from my friend Pat noticing that I got a mention in the USA Today article about the new crowdfunding for IPO’s (see the first paragraph). The author, Matt Krantz, had interviewed me last year about my experience.  You can see that article here in a previous post.

Feels like the start of a really great day! I hope you’re having a great one too!

Ride on,


High Roller Adult Size big wheel trikes featured on the NBC Today Show!

So what do 3 news anchors look like on national TV when they’re riding High Roller Adult Size big wheels?

On Saturday, the High Roller trikes were raced by the Today Show anchors around Rockefeller Plaza with Matt Armbruster. Erica Hill, Thomas Roberts, and Craig Melvin donned their Nutcase Helmets and ripped around the plaza!

I had gotten off the overnight train at Penn Station at 2:30 AM, slept for 2 hours in the hotel, then walked across to the Rockefeller Plaza at 5:30 AM. The High Rollers were already there built up by Mike and the Today Show crew. All I had to do was a preflight inspection and get into my racing suit. Once I did that, it was 2 hours of waiting culminating in 2 minutes of frenzied racing.

The hosts couldn’t have been friendlier or easier to work with. Each of them came up and tested the High Rollers before the segment, and each asked quietly, “So what do I need to do to win?” When it finally came down to it, everybody was just in it for the kicks.

Once the cameras stopped rolling, they all looked at each other and took off again! They had to run across the plaza to the next place the cameras were set up not to be late.

Then came the inglorious end to a fun day and we packed the High Rollers back up for FedEx. Suddenly I realized I’d had a full day of work and it was only 10:30 AM. I thought I’d go back to the hotel and sleep for a few, but then the phone calls, emails, and orders starting pouring in. I spent the next 4 hours in the hotel room trying to catch up. I managed to wolf down a tuna sandwich on the street right before the car picked me up to take me back to the airport.

I can’t say I saw much of New York City on this trip, but I got to see it from the INSIDE of the fence at the Today Show! Incredible!

NBC New York leaks a teaser about this Saturday’s High Roller Today Show appearance

That’s right, the High Roller is going to be on NBC’s Today Show this Saturday morning!  More details are coming, but here’s the video from NBC 4 New York: